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Genital Warts Removal In Men And Women

Genital warts occur in varying sizes and may disappear on their own but are some circumstances they have to be removed surgically. Genital warts can be removed in two ways either using topical treatment which involves use of chemicals, creams or lotion or through physical ablation techniques that involve destroying the warts and removing them physically;

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This is a surgical procedure that can be used for the genital wart treatment by freezing them. Through freezing, the genital warts cells are killed and dry up before shedding down. This procedure is very effective also where the genital warts are painful. However, this can only be done to external warts occurring on the surface of the male or female genital but is not suitable for warts that occur within the cervix area.

Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP)

LEEP is a minor surgery operation that involves removing genital warts by using a fine wire loop that is very low electrical voltage. The procedure involves numbing the target area through anesthesia, pain medicine or pill or injection. The doctor will then use the wire loop to cut a thin layer of the abnormal tissue. This procedure is very effective I genital wart removal and especially cervical warts. Moreover, the procedures in an outpatient operation where the patient can free go home after the procedure.

Laser treatment

This is considered as a specialist treatment that is recommended for large genital warts. The warts are removed by using a laser light that burns warts. Mild soreness or irritation may occur for some time then fade away.


This procedure involves making an excision on the wart then inserting a metal loop pressed against the wart to pass electric currents that burn away the remaining parts of the wart.

Topical treatment

There are several topical treatments available for genital treatment and removal. These include;

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA)

This treatment is recommended for small hardened warts. It destroys the protein makeup of warts hence they dry off. TCA, however, should be applied cautiously as it may destroy the healthy skin. It is safe to use in pregnancy


This is the cream that treats large warts as it stimulates the body’s immune system to attack genital warts. It has mild skin irritation and is not recommended during pregnancy.


It occurs in a liquid form and has a poisonous effect on the wart cells. It is recommended for small clusters of warts.

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