a bowl of dried mushrooms

How to Consume Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms, or what people generally know as magic mushrooms or simply shrooms, have been declared the next best thing when it comes to the health and medical field. With it being a popular option, it is relatively easy to find the products.

Before the rediscovery of its potentials by western scientists, certain societies all over the globe have been consuming shrooms for hundreds of years as they believe that it has health benefits to offer. Indeed, further research shows that these fungi are a valuable source of psychoactive compounds that can help cure addiction, depression, and other health issues. Let us then assume that people know the subject that this article tries to highlight and move on to the next substantial matter to discuss. It is about several different ways to consume magic mushrooms. The fact that it has been as popular as cannabidiol does not necessarily mean that people know what to do with it once they receive their package. If you are one of these people, below is the information you need about how to consume psilocybin mushrooms.


Different types of shrooms have different levels of strength, so it is better to inquire about how much dosage that people need depending on the kinds of shrooms consumed. However, note that your body may react differently from other people, making things even more complicated to try. Scientists warn that a large dosage can lead to certain effects, such as appetite loss and temporary anxiety. A typical dose that most people stick to is 3.5 grams, although some other scientists also suggest taking a larger dose to send your body into a state of spiritual. Your body will then adjust to what is given, and you need to note these adjustments as a way to find the best dosage that works for your body.


Taking shrooms into your regular supplements is not as simple as consuming other drugstore-bought products. You need to seek assistance from other people that you trust, preferably the ones who have had previous experience with shrooms. They will do the job as a sitter who will assist you during and after consumption. Note that the effects can last up to six hours, and you will likely experience certain things during those hours. It is the reason why assistance from people that you can trust is necessary. Their previous experience with shrooms will also help you understand what you can expect after consuming magic mushrooms.…