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Eyes are a very important organ of the body. Without eyes, we won’t be able to appreciate the beauty around us and much more.  This is why we should make sure that we keep our eyes healthy at all cost.

The eyes are susceptible to many diseases and infections so we should not only look for a way to prevent diseases but also to protect our eyes. Some conditions like blindness are irreversible, and this is why it is important to take care of any threatening conditions before it becomes worse.

Common eye diseases

Dry eyes

Dry eye is a common problem that many people suffer from. Dry eyes are due to lack of enough lubrication of the eyeball. Some of the signs that you may suffer from dry eyes include; redness of the eyes, sensitivity to light, feeling irritation and sometimes pain. These are just some of the general symptoms although others may occur in the due cause.

This condition is often caused due to lack of tears which are good for lubrication of the eyeball. There are many reasons for dry eyes such as old age and side effects of some medication. To treat dry eyes, eye drops are usually recommended to keep eyes moisturized.

Allergic conjunctivitis

This is a common eye problem that occurs as a result of allergic reaction. It mostly occurs when eyes are exposed to irritants such as pollen grains or dust. This problem can be quite severe because in most cases the eyelids become swollen, red and puffy.

It is a very painful condition and in most severe cases you might experience discharge or pus from the eyes. People who notice that they have allergic reactions should stay away from irritants that trigger the allergic reactions to prevent a severe reaction.

Macular degeneration

This is a problem thblue eye at is common with people who have advanced in age 50 years and above. When humans start aging, eyes are usually the first organs to be affected. This type of degeneration affects the back side of the eyes. The reason for this is due to many years of putting a strain on the eyes.

People suffering from this kind of problem cannot be able to see things straight, and they may have blurred vision. This affects activities like the ability to recognize faces, read or even right well. Many people try and control this problem by wearing corrective glasses. This helps improve vision and the ability to go back to leading a normal life.…